MEETIG8 is an independent digital platform that aims to provide companies, big and small, rapid access to top talent in risk management, compliance and internal audit on demand.

Against a backdrop of increasing regulation and compliance requirements in various industry sectors, companies striving to reduce overhead costs due to pressure on profit margins and an upward trend in professional freelancing and jobs on demand, MEETIG8 was established to create a powerful talent pool and facilitate allocation of that talent to companies who have a need for high quality risk, compliance and audit professionals.

MEETIG8 is a credible alternative to the traditional accounting and advisory professional services firms, except, with the crowdsourcing and freelancing model, companies should expect to source from a talent pool that is wider and deeper than these traditional advisory firms. Engagement of advisors through the MEETIG8 platform is on demand and offers flexibility to companies who hire based on their terms.

The upward trend in freelancing is driven by individuals who want more freedom and flexibility in the way they work. Most of all, they want to work on jobs that are stimulating, interesting and diverse. MEETIG8 offers risk, compliance and audit professionals a means of achieving this freedom and flexibility, while helping them build their profile in the industry, network and portfolio of work.


James Lai

CEO & Founder

James Lai is the founder of MEETIG8. A seasoned risk and compliance leader and practitioner, he has over 16 years experience in operational risk and compliance management in the Australian and Asian financial services sectors. He has held executive leadership roles in risk management within Westpac Banking Corporation and PricewaterhouseCoopers (Australia and Singapore).

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He is an industry thought-leader in risk and compliance frameworks and is sought after by organisations in the Australian financial services sector to share his experience in industry round tables.

James created MEETIG8 in 2016 to help organisations of all sizes efficiently engage high quality risk, compliance and audit professionals. His personal mission is to match organisation’s needs with high quality risk, compliance and audit professionals and to ensure these organisations do not compromise on quality by being tied to one accounting and advisory firm. MEETIG8 brings the best of breed professionals to every organisation, giving them the best talent with the best skills and experience needed to excel in the project.

James holds a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance) from the University of Canberra.

Joshua Ratilal

Country Director, United Kingdom

Joshua is a highly experienced risk management practitioner and consultant who is passionate about innovation, particularly the use of technology to enhance risk management capabilities. He possesses more than 13 years experience in risk strategy consulting, specialising in new market entry, new product development and new regulatory framework design across sectors including financial services, technology, communication and entertainment.

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Alberto Renteria

Senior Web Developer

Alberto is a Senior PHP Developer with 8+ years of experience specialised in building end to end large scale websites using LAMP technologies. His main skills are in Front End (css,sass,Angular), backend (PHP,Mysql, MariaDB) and server side (AWS, Azure, Capistrano) technologies.

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He has worked in SBS as a Senior Web developer delivering high traffic websites. In the past he also worked with important companies as JP Morgan Chase. Alberto has a Masters degree in Software Engineering and a Bachelor in Computer Science.

Advisory Board

David Hurford

Advisory Board Member

David Hurford is an experienced financial services professional with diverse industry experience. His career with the Westpac Group, spanning 25 years, began in New York in the Institutional Banking Division. He has held a number of executive leadership roles across: Corporate & Institutional Banking; Structured Finance and Securitisation; and Westpac Private Equity.

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In recent years, he held the roles of Head of Equity Risk and Head of BT Core Risk and Compliance. He is currently Chief Risk Officer with a Fintech Lender, Get Capital.

David’s private equity experience afforded the opportunity to be involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures. He particularly enjoys mentoring colleagues and helping them learn and develop.

David holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) from the University of Adelaide and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Richard Jackson

Advisory Board Member

Richard Jackson is a respected risk management and assurance professional with over 30 years of experience managing risk, principally in the financial services industry in the UK and Australia. He has held Executive management, CRO and Head of Internal Audit and Risk positions with executive responsibility for enterprise risk management, compliance, internal audit and legal.

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Through this he has buy-side experience of specialist risk, compliance and assurance services. He combines this with over 25 years’ supply-side experience working in a Big 4 Chartered Accounting firm providing commercially focused risk management, compliance and assurance solutions to large and medium-sized corporates, as well as Federal and State government clients.

Richard has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Manchester and is a Chartered Accountant.

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