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Director, Fraud Investigation

Australian Government Services Australia
Annual Salary
$118,503 - $140,926 a year

Job Description

Executive Level 2

Adelaide, SA / Perth, WA

Job Number: EXT-EL-2020-1719

Job Title: Director, Fraud Investigation

Classification: Executive Level 2

Salary Range: $118,503 - $140,926

Job Type: Ongoing / Non-ongoing

Employment Type: Full-time

Group/Division/Branch/Section: Payments and Integrity / Business Integrity / Taskforce Integrity and Fraud Investigation / SA/WA Investigations Team

Locations: Adelaide, SA / Perth, WA

Job Description

The Director, Taskforce Integrity and Fraud Investigation has a key role in managing relationships and partnerships with individuals, community groups, government and other agencies. To ensure the integrity of programmes administered by the agency, they develop investigation strategy and policy, and provide leadership, direction and support to our people.

The Director will maintain and improve operations by monitoring workflow, resources and overall performance, and be responsible for delivering a high standard of investigations by making the most effective and efficient use of workforce and technology resources.

The Director is also part of a larger management team, focused on increasing capability of the department to deter and investigate serious fraud offences against the Commonwealth in particular customer information and payments; and outlays of government through the child support, health and welfare programs. Strong leadership is critical to success in this role.

Work Environment

Frequent travel between Adelaide and Perth sites and occasional interstate travel (subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions)