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Principal Auditor

Queensland Government

Job Description

The Buy Queensland Audit Team function is to strengthen existing policies and initiatives through a program of Audit. Policies and initiatives are in place to provide guidance and to further strengthen Queensland for Queenslanders. The Team currently provide support on a range of policies and initiatives which include, Building and Construction Training Policy, Best Practice Principles & Local Benefits Test, and Food and Beverage Supplier Directory.

Key duties and responsibilities include:
- Participate in and provide operational leadership in state-wide compliance activities including complaints, investigations, and referrals to establish ensure supplier compliance to the Queensland Procurement Policy, Ethical Supplier Threshold, Ethical Supplier Mandate, Local Benefits Test, and Best Practice Principals.
- Produce complex investigation reports, recommendations and undertake reviews of technical information arising out of serious supplier breaches of the Queensland Procurement Policy, Ethical Supplier threshold and Ethical Supplier Mandate.
- Prepare and coordinate ministerial briefs and presentations.
- Guide and mentor staff in methodical assessment of complaints, investigations, and detailed analysis of supplier compliance such as gathering, following and analysing hard evidence, for example, contractual commitments, worker employment agreements, time sheets, attendance records, pay records and training records.
- Ensure all audit, investigations, information, and data is appropriately managed and recorded.
- Manage difficult negotiations with buyers and suppliers on complaints, investigations, and referral specifics with the ability to communicate with clear recommendations and actions so that suppliers and buyers have certainty.
- Report to management on team outcomes in accordance with procedures, objectives and performance standards adopted by the Queensland Government Procurement Compliance Branch to assist in identifying opportunities for team professional development.
- Develop and maintain effective relations and strategic networks with key internal and external stakeholders, buyers, and suppliers to share information, identify on-going, emerging issues and procurement trends, and provide high level advice to internal management teams.

Please note: Following recent changes to departmental responsibilities, functions of the former Department of Housing and Public Works have been transferred to new departments, including the Department of Energy and Public Works.

Applications will remain current for 12 months.