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Senior Cyber Security Analyst

Australian Government - Department of Education, S...
Annual Salary
$88,114 - $96,895 a year

Job Description

APS Level 6

Canberra, ACT

$88,114 - $96,895

Application Security Operations is a small team responsible for managing security for the department’s critical business applications and digital information. It provides advice to the executive, committees and staff on security risks and related issues to promote a strong security culture.

Application Security Operations is located within the department’s Digital Solutions Division, which works with program areas across the department to deliver modern digital solutions supporting the delivery of government education and employment initiatives.

Application Security Operations provides direction and advice to technical teams on the adoption of better security practices including adoption of ACSC guidance, the Information Security Manual, and aspects of the Protective Security Policy Framework, during phases of system development lifecycle.

Application Security Operations assesses applications and cloud services for security risks and advises the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on the suitability of the applications or services in protecting departmental data. It manages responses to application security vulnerabilities across the Digital Solutions Division with the primary objective of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data held in its applications.

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