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Transformation and Governance Officer


Job Description

The key duties of the position include
The Role
We are looking for someone to play a key role in ensuring Defence is ready to meet emerging strategic challenges and deliver against the Defence Strategic Update, the Force Structure Plan and the Defence Transformation Strategy. You will work in Enterprise Transformation and Governance Division (ETG), which is leading the way in creating a high performing Defence enterprise with a continuous improvement culture. The Division's work is extremely diverse, so regardless of your skillset, there is a high likelihood that your abilities will be valued in ETG.

The Division is focused on enabling better enterprise level outcomes through a number of diverse functions including:

• providing direct support and advice to the Associate Secretary;
• developing, assessing, implementing and monitoring Defence transformation concepts and strategies;
• managing and enabling delivery through providing risk, benefits and change management support and governance of Defence's Transformation Program;
• delivering enterprise level integration, planning, performance management and risk management functions; and
• driving greater alignment and performance in the delivery of corporate enabling services across Defence, such as security, audit, communications, legal, finance, estate and infrastructure, information management and people services.

Our Ideal Candidate
We are seeking a number of motivated individuals to join us and contribute to our growing Division. Because of the diversity of the work we do, we need a workforce comprised of individuals with an equally diverse set of skills, experience and attributes. Individuals with prior experience as Policy Officers, Analysts, Project and Program Managers, Governance Officers and any other relevant occupations are encouraged to apply - regardless of your skillset, there is a good chance we can find a place for you.
An innate curiosity and willingness to learn is just as important to us as formal qualifications. We support innovative thinking and new ideas. We are looking for someone who will help us challenge the way Defence normally operates and how it views itself.
To succeed in this role, applicants will:
  • work well independently, and collegiately as part of a team;
  • demonstrate strong analytical skills and attention to detail;
  • demonstrate the ability to synthesise diverse information to form insightful conclusions;
  • be self-motivated to pursue information and deliver outcomes;
  • have the ability and willingness to learn;
  • be adaptable and flexible in the context of shifting priorities;
  • be able to deliver on time to an insistent tempo;
  • be adept at building strong stakeholder relationships and influencing outcomes;
  • have strong organisational and time management skills;
  • have strong verbal and written communications skills that demonstrate an ability to be accurate, concise and compelling;
  • be committed to contributing to the Government's national security objectives and effecting positive organisational change;
  • be interested in contributing to developing, assessing, implementing and monitoring Defence transformation concepts and strategies;
  • contribute to the development and wellbeing of colleagues through information sharing, constructive feedback and support; and
  • embody the Defence Values.